People are reacting to Kevin Costner’s newly dyed hair by saying, “He looks goofy.”

During his appearance on the red carpet, Kevin Costner drew attention to himself with a daring new style that ignited talk. The fact that he walked the red carpet with his son, Hayes, who is about to enter his teenage years, made it even more remarkable.

The Cannes Film Festival has been a hive of activity, with celebrities displaying their most gorgeous attire while attending the festival. In addition to his signature soul patch, Kevin Costner had a gray mustache, which made him stand out from the crowd. He also seemed to be completely different. The reason for his new appearance is most likely because he is playing the main role in Horizon: An American Saga, which he is also directing.

Upon entering the red carpet, the actor was accompanied by an unexpected visitor, who turned out to be his son Hayes. Despite the fact that they were both wearing identical white suits, Kevin chose to wear a button-up shirt, while Hayes went for a gray t-shirt to keep things casual. People on the internet couldn’t help but notice the stunning metamorphosis that the Yellowstone star had undergone. However, it wasn’t only the father-son combination that drew attention to themselves. Instead of having a clean-shaven appearance, he suddenly had a prominent mustache, and his hair was now a brilliant reddish blonde color.

The fans were overjoyed to see Hayes with his father, and they made a comment about how much he looks like Kevin. On the other hand, Kevin’s new hair color did not go unnoticed, with one admirer expressing their opinion that it was time for him to stop using the dye, saying, “Nice looking, kid. One of the fans pointed out that it was time to stop dying the hair. Some individuals were perplexed by the abrupt transformation, and some even made jokes about the possibility that their hairdresser was not doing them any favors.

On social media, there were some individuals who seemed to be unaware that it was Kevin and who were curious about what had become of his hair. Others just desired that he would return to his typical appearance.

Kevin’s new appearance was not one that everyone liked. One individual said, “His hair looks ridiculous,” while another individual remarked, “Kevin looks goofy,” and yet another someone added, “The dyed hair is hideous.” Another individual has just said, “Kev, you have a really bad look.”

Some of the comments that were left included the question, “That’s Costner?” “What happened to Costner’s hair?” was another question that was presented.

After some time had passed, Kevin used the opportunity to introduce his other children to the audience. For the purpose of demonstrating their support for the actor and his kid, the whole family looked absolutely stunning. With his children Annie, Cayden, Grace, Hayes, and Lily around him, Kevin was encircled by his family. Due to the fact that Kevin Costner was promoting a movie in which he both featured alongside his son, this particular occasion on the red carpet has a special significance.

Hayes, who is 15 years old, has made the decision to pursue acting, following in his father’s footsteps, and made his debut in the film Horizon: An American Saga. Although Hayes does not often appear in public with his father, he has made the decision to pursue acting.

Kevin has been able to effectively bring his family back together after the divorce, as shown by the fact that they were spotted together at the Cannes Festival.

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