A Nurse’s Powerful Response to Being Underestimated

When it comes to saving lives, doctors undoubtedly play a crucial role.

Not many individuals discuss nurses, assistants, paramedics, or anesthetists afterwards. Many people fail to recognize their importance.

After a long and exhausting day at work, Caitlin made a quick pit stop to grab some milk on her way home. There, she bumped into someone she knew but had never seen her wearing scrubs. Caitlin shared that the acquaintance’s reaction was thoughtless, as she failed to acknowledge Caitlin’s profession as a nurse.

It appeared to be an unintentional comment, but it deeply affected Caitlin. She had grown tired of hearing this comment repeatedly, but on that specific day, after enduring a grueling shift that left her feeling emotionally and physically exhausted, it was the final blow.

She penned a heartfelt letter on Facebook, speaking on behalf of nurses everywhere, to shed light on the power of a single word to lower one’s worth.

This is what she wrote:

After a grueling shift, I made the spontaneous decision to stop by the supermarket on my way home, despite still being in my work uniform. I bumped into an old high school classmate who had something to say:

In 18 years of my career, I’ve heard this phrase many times, but today it seemed to irritate me more than usual… Was that all I was? JUST a nurse?

I have had the privilege of assisting in the delivery of numerous children, despite being a nurse. I have experienced the profound moments of holding the hands of those nearing the end of their lives, despite being a nurse;

I’ve revived patients who were clinically d_ead for seconds and helped them come back to life. I’ve held parents in my arms after they’ve seen their children pass away. I can draw blood, tend to wounds. But all of this, I do as a nurse.

It’s unfortunate that I have to sacrifice special occasions like Christmas days and my children’s birthdays, as well as their school events, in order to come to work and provide care for your loved ones. However, as a nurse, my skills extend to being able to revive newborns, children, and adults. Despite this, I am still just a nurse.

I have the experience and knowledge to save lives, and despite being JUST a nurse, I take great pride in that!»

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