This woman came across an old, filthy luggage in a bush

On her way to work, a nurse from Essex, England, discovered an abandoned luggage on the sidewalk. Her instincts prompted her to approach and investigate further. The woman had a genuine surprise when she opened it!

A bag containing 15 kittens that were under three to five weeks old was discovered in a bush.

The suitcase was cut with several holes so that air could enter, allowing the miserable kittens to breathe. Whoever abandoned them must have wanted them to survive. The “luggage” was also purposefully dumped adjacent to a well-known animal refuge.

The nurse called for help from a shelter staffer, Alison Gamble, who checked the animals and was happy with how well the kittens were doing: “They are in good condition, and it’s clear that the kittens have been away from their mother.”

The kittens must be fed to the person since they haven’t been weaned, in order to prevent nutritional issues.

Thankfully, staff working at the care facility are prepared to look for the 15 souls until they are adopted. The kittens are currently too young and vulnerable to be released.

“Six of them exhibit some symptoms of eye infection, whereas the others initially appear to be in good health, but we want to closely monitor them to ensure their overall well-being.”

View the video below to learn the entire tale of the fortunate kittens:

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