Marvel at the Olympic Performance That Brings Figure Skating and Heavy Metal Together

Elegance meets heavy metal! Oona and Gage Brown, ice dancers for the United States national team, are displaying their amazing abilities here.

Their incredible camera work is a true testament to their expertise. The following video was shot at the ice rink in Bryant’s Park Winter Village in New York City in 2020 during a free dance event. The United States pewter medalists for 2019 are Gage and Oona Brown.

There are a total of seven children in the family that make up the Olympic dancing squad. During 2018 and 2019, they were a part of the United States national team and achieved Junior Grand Prix finishes of eighth and ninth, respectively.

After watching their older sister start ice skating classes in 2009, they both decided to give it a go. Gage began when he was seven years old, following in his older sister’s footsteps. Starting when she was just five years old, Oona “clawed her way around the rink refusing any help or to get off” during her first year.

Oona and Gage tried their hands at being solo artists, which led to the formation of their sibling partnership. Both of them admitted that performing solo was extremely nerve-wracking; however, they both feel much more at ease and confident when they play together at concerts.

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