My Mom Left Me at My Lowest—Now She Begs for Help

Our mother is meant to be our greatest source of support and ally when we need it most, but sometimes reality doesn’t quite meet our expectations. When Stephy was 24 years old, she found herself in the midst of the most challenging time in her life. With three children to care for and no one else to rely on, she had no choice but to seek support from her own mother. Unfortunately, Stephy found herself in a challenging situation when her mom declined to help. Now, after all this time, her mother is turning to her daughter for assistance. Stephy contacted us to ask for help figuring out how to handle this tricky situation.

When I was 24 years old, I found myself in the heartbreaking situation of becoming a widow and a single parent to three children after my boyfriend tragically passed away in a car accident.
With the meager income I was making, it became impossible to cover both rent and provide for my children. As a result, I had no choice but to turn to my mother for support. She declined, stating that her new partner would not approve.

During those challenging years, I faced numerous hardships, navigating through life’s obstacles without any support. My children and I experienced a severe lack of resources and opportunities. It was a challenging time, with coupons being our lifeline. I juggled three jobs tirelessly, sacrificing sleep for years.
Gradually, I managed to gain independence after a couple of years. I am now a proud mother with healthy children and a stable source of income.

After a long seventeen years, my mom unexpectedly appeared at my doorstep, even though we hadn’t been in contact all this while.
Now she finds herself in a difficult situation, without a place to call home, and reaching out to me for help. She pleaded with me to allow her to stay for at least a week.
As I shut the door in her face, she proclaimed, «If I had helped you back then, you wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all of this. You seem to have done well in life now that you have your own home.»

I was absolutely shocked by her boldness. But she went on, «My boyfriend at the time had made me forget that I had responsibilities regarding you as a mother. I loved him too much and was scared to lose him. I am sorry.» Before leaving, she said, «Remember, a mother is not without her share of mistakes. I’m just a human…»

It’s incredibly difficult for me to find forgiveness in my heart for her, especially considering how she has chosen to disregard both me and her grandchildren for all these years, despite knowing that we had no one else to help us.

‘m not sure what to do. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

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