97 Year Old Midwife Gets One Last Wish Before Going To Heaven

After a long and fulfilling life, Elsa, a 97-year-old midwife, passed away. Upon reaching the Pearly Gates, St. Peter was waiting for her, standing there.

«Hello, Elsa,» he said. Before you go to heaven, do you have one final wish?

«Yes,» Elsa said.

«I would like to spend a short time back on Earth witnessing a birth where the father experiences the agony of giving birth instead of the mother.»

Elsa was returned to Earth for a brief period of time since Peter felt that this request was acceptable.

She was standing at a woman’s house who was about to give birth. The woman seemed to be in no discomfort at all delivering the baby.

Elsa went to check on her husband and was shocked to see him smoking his pipe while sitting quietly in a chair by a window that was open.

«How are you feeling right now? Are you not in pain?» asked the midwife.

«Oh no, I feel fantastic,» the husband said.

«However, I believe we need to call an ambulance. Our neighbor John is lying out there on the lawn screaming his head off!”.

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