Husband wants wife to pay for his three children with his ex-wife – her response is brilliant

A lot of times in a marriage, there can be things a couple disagrees over. The disagreements can vary from small to huge. And the one we are about to share is one of the latter.

It is never easy to fight with your significant other, but at times, it is something you must do. Keep reading to learn more about what happened.

A big issue a lot of couples face with one another is that of finances. This always happens to be one of the biggest roadblocks a couple encounters. This story is no different. The crux of the issue the couple have all comes to finances in the end.

A husband recently opened up on Reddit about a growing anger he had toward his wife. The man had five children: two with his current wife, Stacey, and three from a previous marriage to his ex-wife Hannah.

Stacey always set her boundaries and reminded him that the three children from his earlier marriage were not her responsibility.


“Ever since Stacey and I got together she has made it very clear to me that my 3 children are mine and Hannah’s responsibility, not hers. This has worked out well so far, but lately, it has been taking a toll on me,” the upset husband wrote.

Since he pays child support for his three children from his earlier marriage, Stacey stipulated that he must pay the same amount toward his two children with her. On top of this, he splits the household expenses with Stacey.

And while Stacey helps out with his three previous children, she does not contribute to their general upkeep financially. “Stacey has never taken issues with having to care for mine and Hannah’s children. She picks them up from school, takes them to activities, and ensures they have everything they need,” he added.


But when she pays for something for them, she sends a Venmo request to the husband asking for the money back.

“We recently went on a family vacation and she demanded that I pay for half of the portion for our children and all of the portion for Hannah’s. I told her that all these expenses are taking a hit in my finances and she didn’t seem to care. She reiterated that my children are my responsibility,” the upset husband added.

She also started a college fund for her children. When his ex-wife Hannah found out about it, she was upset and told him he needed to start one for his three children with her as well. When he brought this up with Stacey, she said she did not have a problem with it. “But I had to put the same amount of money in the funds she has set up for our kids,” he said.


He was upset and asked Stacey to pay more for things around the house, “I cannot afford to pay child support, household expenses, and all these miscellaneous expenses that come up for my kids. It wouldn’t hurt her financially, as she makes more than me and could easily spare some money.”

This angered Stacey to the point where she left their home with their kids. As for the community that chimed in with their two cents, they were defending his wife and pointing out that she did not need to take care of his children from his previous marriage, but she did so without any issues.


People understood why she had such a strong reaction to his insensitivity. Some even pointed out how much she did for him and his children in terms of childcare and how he should be grateful. It seems like her response was justified.

“It sounds like Stacey works outside the home, takes care of your shared children, and does a share of child care and chauffeuring for your children with your ex. Pony up and be grateful,” a Reddit user commented.

A lot of users were of the opinion that if he was not ready to emotionally and financially provide for all five of his children, he should not have had them. As a parent, he needed to treat all of them equally.

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