The Cow Began to Lose Milk, and the Farmer Noticed That She Was Leaving for the Forest in the Evening. He Decided to Follow Her, and What He Saw in the Forest Shocked Him

Steve, a farmer from Scotland, maintained a small herd of dairy cows. One day, the man noticed that Lila, who usually produced the most milk, had run out completely. Once the veterinarian gave the green light on the animal’s health, the farmer decided to take a closer look at the cow in the meadow by the edge of the forest. He soon realized that the cow sometimes wandered into the forest during the evening, so he decided to follow her. On each occasion, the farmer would lead the cows to a spacious clearing near the edge of the forest. The man observed that Leela was lagging behind the group and chose to go after her. With careful steps, he approached the clearing, mindful not to startle the creature, until he found himself in a serene space enveloped by a lush forest. The cow moved to a slightly more distant spot, concealing something.

Steve walked over and spotted a small calf. It seems that Lila had brought it to the clearing a few weeks ago, maybe to hide it from sight. It took the farmer about ten minutes to determine the cause of this issue. Each calf we separate is raised separately from the adults until they are ready to join a different herd.

According to Steve, it seemed that Leela was rather dissatisfied with the current state of affairs. Consequently, the cow was left with the calf. Steve decided to reevaluate his approach to running the farm.

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