Getting Slapped While Sitting At A Bar

Redneck Ray is sitting in a bar in Houston, quietly sipping a beer. Suddenly, a burly man walks in and slaps Ray so hard that he falls off his stool.

“That was a karate chop from Korea,” the burly man says proudly. Ray sighs, gets up, wipes the dust off his clothes, sits back down on the stool and continues to drink his beer.

Suddenly he is hit so hard that he flies into the wall.

“That was a kung fu punch from China,” the big man laughs. Ray has had enough. He gets up, brushes off the dust and calmly leaves the bar.

About an hour later, he comes back, walks up behind the big guy sitting at the bar, and punches him so hard behind the ear that he passes out. Ray looks at the bartender and says: “When he comes to, why don’t you tell him it was a shovel from the hardware store in Houston?”

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