Bikers found an ABANDONED DOG holding a plastic BAG in his mouth. When they looked inside they were shocked and RAN immediately for help. Here’s what the dog PROTECTED:

A 58-year-old man named Paul Skinner went for a bike ride with some of his friends. As they walked on a more secluded road they saw something strange moving in a ditch on the side of the road. They decided to approach to see better what was happening. When they got closer, they discovered a frightened, apparently abandoned dog holding a bag in his mouth, trying to protect it.

But when they opened the bag, the men were shocked. There were 4 dead puppies in the bag. It seems that the puppies were born on the same day. Terrified by what they had seen, the men immediately called the police. They came to the scene together with the representatives of an animal shelter, who took the dog and named it Carly.

After some research, the police came to the conclusion that Carly was abandoned in that ditch with her puppies immediately after giving birth. Even though the owner abandoned them, Carly always stayed with her cubs, but it seems that she failed to get them out of the plastic bag that was very well tied. We can only hope that Carly’s master will be found and punished for this miserable deed. He is guilty of incredible cruelty. Not only did he abandon the mother and the puppies, but he also put them in a tied plastic bag, so as not to give them any chance at life. He sentenced them to death.

Carly is a cocker spaniel

Unfortunately, these cases of abandonment and cruelty to animals are becoming more frequent. Tougher laws and more drastic punishments are needed for those who commit such acts.We only hope that Carly will find a good family to take care of her as she deserves. She is a heroine, who despite the heat, lacking food or water, decided to protect her puppies until the last moment.

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