With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of this beloved movie legend

Fred Roos, a well known casting director and producer who won an Oscar for his get the job done on “The Godfather Part II” and “Apocalypse Now,” has passed away at the age of 89. Roos was identified for his close collaboration with acclaimed director Francis Ford Coppola on numerous initiatives through his esteemed vocation.

Setting up with his operate on films like “American Graffiti,” Roos played a crucial position in casting some of the greatest talents in Hollywood. He was liable for bringing on board stars this sort of as Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Carrie Fisher, and Richard Dreyfuss. Notably, Roos was the a single who persuaded George Lucas to solid Harrison Ford in the iconic “Star Wars” franchise.

Roos’s most the latest contribution was serving as the casting director and govt producer for Coppola’s hugely predicted new movie, “Megalopolis,” which premiered at the Cannes Movie Festival. Regrettably, Roos handed away at his home in Beverly Hills and is survived by his spouse, Sarah Drew, and their son, Alexander “Sandy” Roos.

Roos’s passing follows the latest loss of life of an additional influential figure in the film industry, Roger Corman, who died at the age of 98. Corman, a pioneer of independent cinema, directed cult classics such as “The Minor Shop of Horrors” and was recognized for his ground breaking tactic to filmmaking, frequently performing on tight budgets.

Corman’s effects on the film marketplace cannot be overstated, as he helped launch the occupations of a lot of Hollywood icons. His distinctive fashion and skill to perform within tight constraints left a lasting legacy that continues to inspire filmmakers around the globe.

The reduction of both of those Roos and Corman represents the passing of two titans in the movie business, each with their own unique contributions and legacies. Their impression on the artwork of filmmaking and the occupations of innumerable actors, directors, and producers will unquestionably be felt for generations to occur.

Roos’s Oscar-successful get the job done on “The Godfather Component II” and “Apocalypse Now” is a testament to his fantastic expertise and eye for expertise. His capability to cast the suitable actors in the correct roles was a vital aspect in the accomplishment of these legendary movies.

Outside of his casting prowess, Roos’s purpose as a producer on these and other projects more solidified his reputation as a multifaceted and influential determine in the marketplace. His collaborations with Coppola were significantly fruitful, and their partnership still left an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape.

The information of Roos’s passing has definitely saddened the film community, as they mourn the reduction of a real legend. His contributions to the marketplace will be remembered and celebrated for years to come, as his legacy continues to encourage and impact the future technology of filmmakers.

As the sector reflects on the lives and legacies of Fred Roos and Roger Corman, it is clear that their impact on the art of filmmaking will endure. Their passing marks the stop of an era, but their long lasting influence will carry on to form the long term of cinema for many years to come.

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