What men notice initially when looking at a woman.

You may wonder what men think when they see you on the street. You’ve probably heard about the myths that men glance at your buttocks and breasts first. According to scientists, males are preoccupied with things that have nothing to do with their bodies. If you want to read men’s brains and learn their first thoughts when you meet, keep reading! You may be astonished to learn that males are not what many women take for granted!

1. Eyes. Men often notice a woman’s eyes first. I am sure you have heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They can tell us a lot about someone. It might be simple to determine whether someone is lying to you or telling the truth. Eyes are genuine magnets that can entice and captivate a stranger.

According to surveys, approximately 70% of men pay first and foremost attention to a woman’s eyes, followed by everything else. Do not believe that men are drawn to the breast first! It is always easier for men to complement women’s eyes since women respond more positively to compliments on their eyes than other aspects of their bodies.

2. Hair. Long, healthy, and lustrous hair cannot go missed. Your hair being in good condition is a sign of youth and health! They say that blonde girls are more attractive to men, however this is completely false! Women of all hair colors have an equal chance. Men have varying preferences; some favor blondes because they appear more delicate, innocent, or simply like angles. Others would always look for brunette chicks, thinking that they are more mysterious.

Redheads have their own chance because they appear, sexy and wild! He may notice how you style your hair, and if it is unruly and oily, it does not look beautiful. Instead of seeking for a new dye to change the color of your hair, invest in moisturizing shampoos and conditioners and take good care of it. Such an attitude will pay off, and he will be unable to take his gaze away from your beautiful, healthy-looking hair.

3. Skin Men often notice a woman’s skin. Numerous studies have found that a guy regards a healthy complexion as a reliable sign of health. Most men believe that a lady with a healthy-looking complexion is healthy and can bear healthy children.

4. Smile. A smiling woman indicates that guys don’t need to hesitate and can begin flirting! A smiling woman represents good disposition, friendliness, and a sense of humor; who wouldn’t want to date such a person? A woman’s smile acts as a magnet, drawing attention to her positive attitude. Laughter is contagious, so others around you will only feel better! Don’t claim you’re too shy to grin at that guy you barely know! You don’t need to say anything, but smiling can serve as an invitation.

Some girls claim that they rarely smile due to their teeth. They are crooked or not particularly white. This is not a good reason, ladies! Commercials have been pushing a flawless grin with no faults, however this is simply a commercial; it was most likely edited for hours! Most men do not have rigorous criteria that require them to date only girls who look like models. They are also normal guys with flaws, therefore they will understand yours as well.

5. Dressing Style. Most males notice a woman’s clothing style, which may come as a surprise. According to a recent survey, most men prefer a woman who dresses elegantly over one who reveals too much skin. Men enjoy the mystery of women, yet a half-naked body discloses all the secrets. A good sense of style can reveal a lot about you; keep that in mind! Your perfume and makeup reflect your taste. Your heels and accessories reflect your lifestyle and sophistication.

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