TRAGIC END. With heavy hearts, we announce the passing

The sad real reason why Nicola Bulley died was finally found out months after the mother went missing.

The 45-year-old mother of two went missing in St. Michael’s on Wyre, which led to a huge search.

The whole country became interested in her disappearance when it came out that her phone had been found on a bench by the river while it was still on a work call.

Sad to say, her body was found in the river on February 19, three weeks after she went missing.

Willow, her springer spaniel dog, was found near the bench by the water.

People were very interested in the case, which led to a social media frenzy as amateur detectives flocked to the village to try to solve the mystery.

Locals have called some of the so-called “sleuths” who are still in the village “ghouls” because they are bothersome.

The sad discovery had to be linked to the mother of two through her dental records.

There was a full, two-day inquest into Nicola’s death in Preston’s County Hall in June of that year. Her partner Paul Ansell, her sister Louise Cunningham, and her parents Ernest and Dot Bulley were all there.

The Home Office pathologist Dr. Alison Armour said that Nicola drowned as the cause of her death after she died.

The expert said she thought Nicola was still alive when she went into the water and confirmed that there were no signs she had been beaten up before she died or that a third party was involved.

The “classic signs” of asphyxiation
Dr. Armour said that the internal exam showed “classic signs” of asphyxia, which is when the body doesn’t get enough oxygen. However, there were no signs that Nicola’s neck had been hurt.

The court was also told that her throat had “flecks and fragments of dirt” and that there was water in and around her lungs, which are “typical features” of someone who has drowned.

She also had several bruises, including one on her right arm, and “therapeutic levels” of a beta blocker in her body.

Professor Mike Tipton, an expert on diving, also spoke at the inquest. He said that Nicola would have lost consciousness very quickly.

He also said that because she was so small and the water was so cold, she would have drowned in “one or two breaths” or less than ten seconds.

Dr. Patrick Morgan, an expert on cold water, said that if someone falls into cold water, their heart rate will become “excessively high” and their blood pressure will rise.

The court was told that the water was only 4C when Nicola went missing. That’s so cold that it could give someone cold water shock and make their muscles freeze up.

For PC Matthew Thackray of the North West Police Underwater Search & Marine Unit, two to three minutes was “awfully long time in very cold water” to get to a place where Nicola could get out of the water.

Since there was a “steady flow” that day, the officer thought she would have floated downstream at a speed of one “meter per second.”

After a “hugely complex and highly emotional” search, the mum’s body was found by two dog walkers less than a mile from where she had been last seen.

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