This Photo Has Not Been Edited, Look Closer at the Hole

During an excavation in 2020, archaeologists at a vineyard in northern Italy made a truly remarkable discovery. They made an exciting discovery — a remarkably intact mosaic floor that is thought to have originated in the 3rd century BC. It’s fascinating to think that this discovery could point to the existence of an Ancient Roman villa.

In 1922, the fascinating remains of this ancient estate were first uncovered near Verona. But it took nearly a century for scientists to revisit the area and make this groundbreaking discovery.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a team from the Superintendent of Archaeology, Fine Arts, and Landscape of Verona had embarked on an excavation in the area. Scholars recently made a remarkable discovery by uncovering a section of the floor and foundations of the Roman villa, which had been hidden for over a century.

In a public statement, local authorities proudly announce the discovery of a valuable part of the Roman villa located north of Verona, after years of unsuccessful attempts. Mayor Roberto Grison of Negrar di Valpolicella expresses his belief that this remarkable discovery deserves to be cherished and celebrated due to its cultural significance. “Together with the superintendent and those in charge of agricultural funds, we will explore ways to allow people to experience and appreciate this extraordinary treasure.”

The mosaic features a captivating array of interlaced patterns referred to as “Solomon’s knots,” according to Atlas Obscura. The inscribed octagons and rhomboids present within the mosaic hold the potential to provide valuable insights into the villa’s identity and purpose.

This remarkable discovery beneath an Italian vineyard is a testament to the enduring allure of the past. It serves as a reminder that history is ever present, waiting to be unveiled and captivating audiences of all ages.

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