The Couple Wanted To Adopt a Cat And They Chose The Saddest And Most Unhappy Of All The Cats: The Happy Animal Changed Beyond Recognition In a Matter Of Hours!

Often referred to as the saddest cat on the internet, meet BenBen. BenBen, poor guy, was going to have a very bad future in a shelter, almost certainly ending in death.

His story is all the more tragic because he had a disfigured ear, multiple severe cuts, and a fractured back.

BenBen appears to have had an encounter with a much bigger animal.

BenBen appeared to sense his fate, according to the shelter officials. He didn’t seem to be trying to continue; he wasn’t moving, eating, or drinking.

After learning about BenBen, a compassionate vet clinic staff member made the decision to offer him a fresh start.

It was truly an amazing metamorphosis. Within an hour of moving into his new house, BenBen’s entire personality transformed!

“As if to say thank you, he began purring, grinning, and climbing up for cuddles. I firmly think he understood he had at last found safety and his ultimate home.

Ben bucked the odds and started walking again, despite the doctors’ doubts. Before long, he was sprinting and jumping instead of just walking!

BenBen is no longer the saddest cat in the house, even though he still needs painkillers. He’s really become a content cat!

We are grateful to the amazing individuals that saved BenBen!

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