The Boss Calls His Secretary And Says,…

A boss tells his secretary, «We’re going abroad this weekend. Please make the arrangements.»

The secretary calls her husband, «My boss and I are traveling this weekend.»

Her husband then calls his secret lover, «My wife will be out of town, so come over and we’ll spend the weekend together.»

The secret lover informs the child she tutors, «I won’t be available this weekend, so no lessons.»

The child calls his grandfather, «Grandpa, my tutor canceled, so I can spend the weekend with you.»

The grandfather calls his secretary, «My grandson is visiting, so cancel our travel plans.»

The secretary calls her husband, «The trip is off; my boss’s grandson is coming to stay with him.»

The husband calls his secret lover, «Our plans are off; my wife’s trip was canceled.»

The secret lover calls the child she tutors, «Lessons are back on this weekend.»

The child calls his grandfather, «Sorry, Grandpa, I have lessons after all.»

The grandfather calls his secretary, «Pla

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