“My Sister Needed Me, But My Wife Said No”

My father just died, leaving me with the responsibility of my little sister. Given our significant age gap, I’ve always been more like a father to her. When it came time to decide who would take care of her, she had to choose between living with me or our uncle. She chose me.

The problem was that my wife and I had previously decided we didn’t want children, and she was particularly against adopting my sister since our uncle was willing to take her in. My wife argued that this arrangement could disrupt our lives and the plans we had made together.

Despite understanding my wife’s concerns, I felt an overwhelming responsibility towards my sister. I couldn’t abandon her, especially after she expressed that she wanted to stay with me. I tried to weigh my options, but my heart always led me back to my sister.

After much thought and emotional turmoil, I realized I had no option but to choose my sister. My wife couldn’t believe I made such a choice, feeling betrayed by my decision. However, I couldn’t see any other way

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