My Husband Demanded a Sixth Child or Threatened Divorce – After My Lesson, He Begged for Forgiveness on His Knees

My husband demanded a sixth child or threatened divorce – after my lesson, he begged for forgiveness on his knees.

My husband and I already have five daughters. But my husband has always dreamed of having a son to carry on the family name. He’s a businessman, always working, spending lots of time at the office, while I’m a stay-at-home mom.
Lately, he’s been saying more and more that he wants a sixth child.



Our argument escalated, and he hinted that he might consider DIVORCING me if I refused to have a son for him!
Well, you know what? I decided to show him exactly what it means to raise five kids ALONE!

The very next day, I packed a small bag and left a note on the kitchen table. It read: “You want a sixth child? Fine. But first, let’s see how well you handle the five we already have.”

Then, I walked out the door and checked into a nearby hotel, determined to give him a reality check.

Over the next few days, my phone buzzed incessantly with frantic calls and texts from him. At first, he was just angry and demanding that I come back. But as the hours turned into days, the tone of his messages changed. They became more desperate, more pleading.
“Where are you? The girls are driving me insane!” one message read.

“How do you do this every day? I’m exhausted,” said another.

By the third day, he was practically begging. “Please, I’m sorry. I can’t do this without you. The house is a mess, the kids won’t stop crying, and I haven’t slept in two days. Please come home. I’ll never ask for another child again.”

Feeling that he had learned his lesson, I decided to return. When I walked through the front door, the house was in total disarray. Toys were strewn everywhere, the sink was overflowing with dishes, and my husband was sitting on the couch, looking utterly defeated, with our youngest daughter clinging to his leg and the other four girls running around wildly.

Seeing me, he immediately dropped to his knees and grabbed my hands. “I’m so sorry,” he said, his voice breaking. “I had no idea how hard this was for you. Please forgive me. I don’t want another child. I just want you and our daughters. I love you all so much, and I can’t do this without you.”

I looked at him, seeing the genuine remorse and exhaustion in his eyes. I nodded and helped him to his feet. “Now you understand,” I said softly. “Raising five kids is no easy task, and I need your support, not demands for more. We’re a team, and we need to work together.”

From that day on, things changed. He became more involved with our daughters, sharing the responsibilities and appreciating the chaotic beauty of our family. And as for me, I found a renewed sense of partnership and respect in our relationship, knowing that we were truly in this together.

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