Jennifer Lopez Just Made a Major Announcement Amid All Those Divorce Rumors. No One Expected THIS!

Jennifer Lopez has made the decision to cancel her highly anticipated Greatest Hits summer concert. This choice was made in order to prioritize spending quality time with her family.

The 54-year-old singer had plans to embark on the This Is Me… Live tour in July, coinciding with her 55th birthday.

However, it was mentioned that despite the ongoing split rumors, the wife of Ben Affleck was seen holding hands with him in Los Angeles on Friday and preferred to stay at home in the same city.

‘Jennifer is taking a well-deserved break to spend quality time with her loved ones,’ it was added.

‘For those who purchased through Ticketmaster, tickets will be automatically refunded. Fans do not need to take any further action.’

If you bought your tickets through third-party resale sites, please contact the place where you bought them for more information.\

Jennifer shared this special message with her fans on her OntheJLo website.

‘I am completely heartsick and devastated about letting you down,’ the Hustlers star began.

‘Please know that I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t feel that it was absolutely necessary.

‘I promise I will make it up to you and we will all be together again. I have a deep affection for all of you. Until next time…’ wrote the producer.

According to a source, Lopez was disappointed to cancel the tour, as it was enjoying strong ticket sales. However, she felt the need to be at home during this period.

‘She’s decided to take some time off to spend quality time with her family and close friends,’ shared the insider. They mentioned that she had been diligently rehearsing for the show and was fully prepared to give her all, but she felt that it was the right moment to take a well-deserved break.

‘Jennifer made a tough decision this week and she sincerely apologizes to her fans.’

According to a source, the decision was not based on ticket sales. In fact, the tour was performing well in most major cities and there had been a positive increase in sales.

Speculation circulated that the tour was experiencing poor ticket sales under the name This Is Me… Now in support of her recent album that went with her film.

However, once it was transformed into a highly anticipated greatest hits tour named This Is Me… Live, ticket sales skyrocketed.

She recently finished promoting her science fiction film Atlas.

Supermarket trolleys outside superstore in Stevenage and petrol station in the background. Shopping carts return point on a parking lot near supermarket
Jennifer’s film Atlas was a massive success, topping charts worldwide. She takes great pride in this achievement and is now looking forward to some well-deserved time at home.

It’s worth mentioning that Atlas, the film she both starred in and produced, managed to reach the top spot in an impressive 55 countries. In addition, the film achieved remarkable success by ranking among the top 10 in 93 countries.

A surge of users rushed to share their reactions to the news of the cancellation, with one individual suggesting that Lopez made the decision in order to «save» her marriage.

«She cancelled because she didn’t sell enough tickets,» one user on X speculated.

Another use commented: ‘Translation = No one wants to see her show now that they know she isn’t singing’

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