Girl in This Pic Struggled with Dyslexia & Didn’t Meet Truck Driver Dad until 11 – Now She’s a World Famous Singer

This girl had a challenging childhood before she moved to Hollywood and became a star.

Her career progressed until she became a world-famous singer. She is also an actress, television personality, and activist.

The talented girl, who is now a mom of two, looks gorgeous at 77.

This well-known Hollywood star has led an incredible life with its ups and downs. After a difficult childhood, she became a famous singer with several popular hits.

The girl was born in 1946 in El Centro, California. Her mother, Georgia Holt, was a Bohemian actor, singer and songwriter. Georgia got married six times to five different men. However, she raised the girl and her half-sister Georganne as a single mother.

The singer’s father, John Sarkisian, was an American Armenian who worked as a truck driver. She didn’t meet her dad until she was 11. She recalled her dad to be charming, but he had a criminal past.

The singer said her mom was her greatest supporter, but as much as she was loving and championed her, Georgia would sometimes hit her. The girl, seen in this throwback picture she shared, noted that her mom was from the South and hitting kids was somehow normalized there in the past.

As a single parent, the girl’s mother struggled to provide for her kids. At one point, the singer and Georganne were placed in an orphanage as their mother went to look for work.

At school, the girl also had a difficult time because she struggled with dyslexia. However, her mom still supported her and told her studying wasn’t important. The girl told her mom that she couldn’t even see numbers, but Georgia dismissed this by telling her someone else would be doing the numbers for her anyway as a grown-up.

The girl did grow up, and at the age of 16, she left high school and moved to Hollywood. She had known from a young age that she wanted to be in the arts and entertainment industry, so she actively pursued acting as her extracurricular activity.

When she got to Hollywood, she met Salvatore Bono, 27, who went by “Sonny.” Sonny wasn’t a great singer, but he was a good songwriter, and the girl was beautiful and had an incredible voice. They chose to work together and became a huge hit.

The singer said she is almost finished writing her long-awaited memoir and noted that it has taken long to write it because she has lived a long life.

Sonny and the singer later started a romantic relationship and became husband and wife. The two became the most famous couple on the planet as a singing duo because they had their own TV show and a comedy act. They also released hits such as “I Got You Babe.”

The girl rose to fame as she had the talent; unfortunately, her husband took 95 percent of the money they made, and 5 percent went to their lawyers. They were divorced by 1975. She was angry that they worked together for 11 years, and she ended up with nothing. In the end, she also had to give him $2 million, but eventually, the singer began her solo career.

During the 1960s, the girl worked hard to develop herself as a solo artist. Her hard work paid off in 1971 when her song with a similar name as her album “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves” became the first number-one solo hit of her career.

The star’s other songs also hit the top charts, including “Half-Breed” and “The Way of Love.” By the end of the decade, the singer’s songs reached the pop top 10, with her most popular release being “Take Me Home” from her album of the of the same name.

UNSPECIFIED – CIRCA 1970: Photo of Cher Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

The singer pushed her talents and was also phenomenal in acting. In the 1980s, she started seriously pursuing acting. She starred in the 1983 drama “Silkwood,” which earned her a supporting actress Academy Award nomination and Golden Globe. In 1987, the girl won her first Oscar for best actress for her role in the romantic comedy “Moonstruck.”

Despite her acting success, the singer focused on music. She released several hits such as “Believe,” “Strong Enough,” “If I Could Turn Back Time,” and “All I Really Want To Do.” “Believe” earned the singer a Grammy for Best Dance Recording.

The “After All” singer has sold over 100 million records, and her fruitful career and incredible talent earned her the name the Goddess of Pop. The singer bagged other awards, including an Emmy Award, an Academy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, a Cannes Film Festival Award, the Billboard Icon Award, and more.

Today, the singer is one of the most successful music artists in history, with 26 studio albums, three live albums, two soundtrack albums, and ten compilation albums. She has had many comebacks throughout her incredible career, and even in her 70s, she isn’t slowing down.

circa 1986: American pop singer and actor Cher walks with her son, Elijah Blue Allman, as she holds hands with an unidentified man. Cher is wearing a white headband, white tank top and pants, and sunglasses. (Photo by Robert Scott/Fotos International/Getty Images)

The legendary artist who has lived this eventful and successful life is Cher. She turned 77 in May 2023 and looks as stunning as ever. The mom of two admitted she can’t believe she’s turning 80 soon as she doesn’t feel old.

Cher, who was married twice, has two kids. She had Chastity Bono with Sonny. Chastity is transgender and underwent the female-to-male transition and legally changed his name to Chaz Bono. The singer’s second husband was Gregg Allman. Gregg and Cher have a son, Elijah Blue Allman, born in 1976.

When she turned 77, Cher said in an interview that she still looks gorgeous because of her amazing family genes. She vowed to continue keeping her hair long and wearing jeans even when she turns 80. Cher still looks fit in her late 70s, hasn’t grown gray hair, and is still making career moves.

The singer said she is almost finished writing her long-awaited memoir which took long to write because she has lived a long life. While Cher has accomplished a lot over the years, she has recently been teasing new music on her social media.

Cher is not only successful but gorgeous, but she is also rich, and though she isn’t married now and is single, she hasn’t led a lonely life.

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