Everyone can see three black cats – but you have 20/20 vision if you can see the hidden tabby in less than 10 seconds

THREE black cats are unmissable at first glance as their fur contrasts the dirt, but a fourth kitten is camouflaged within it.

You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the four cats in just 10 seconds – are you up for the challenge?

You may even become convinced there is not a fourth cat, but just look very closely!

The black cats are easy to spot because their color stands out from the dirt.

But the fourth kitten’s tabby fur keeps it camouflaged perfectly.

All four cats are looking forward in the photo.

However, the fourth kitten’s eyes are not glowing yellow like the others.

It has black eyes that stand out from its body.

Were you able to spot the fourth cat?

If not here is a clue.

The cat that is hard to find has a white paw that stands out a bit.

Scan the image side to side by little sections and you may lay your eyes on the feline.

The kitten didn’t mean to blend in so well with its surroundings – it just wanted to be present for the photo.

It just so happens that the dirt and sticks are the same exact color as the fourth kitty.

Each cat decided to pose for the photo instead of scurrying away.

Did you spot the fourth kitten now?

Here is another clue.

The kitten is hidden on the top right of the image – but it is still hard to locate.

Hopefully, you were able to spot the fourth kitten.

The answer is the cat is hidden among the pile of sticks on the top left.

It has been circled below.

Are you looking to continue challenging yourself? There are more brain teasers below!

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