Airline crew reveals real reason passengers are greeted on flight, it’s not to be polite

A flight attendant revealed a big secret, explaining why cabin crew is so over the top friendly with passengers boarding a plane.

And it’s not because the airline welcoming committee is happy to see you.

Keep reading to learn the real reason flight attendants greet customers!

A flight attendant just spilled the tea on why there’s a welcoming committee of stewards, eagerly acknowledging guests with a warm “hello” as they board an airplane.

“Did you know that your flight attendant greets you not only out of politeness?” Rania, a flight attendant with Hungarian budget carrier Wizz Air, shared on a TikTok clip that’s hit the eyes of 6.2 million people.

The now viral video, where Rania is seen making an inflight announcement, reveals a deep secret that might change how travelers respond to the cheery “hello” when stepping on an airplane.

She then continues to explain that the courtesy is “to check whether you are too drunk or sick to fly.”

‘Try harder’
Shocked by the admission, online users suggested that inflight staff is “not doing a very good job” and needs “to try harder.”

“Well, my husband somehow managed to get through security, and on the plane black out drunk with dry throw up on him after our wedding to our honeymoon,” writes on woman of her experience.

A second asks: “Then why are there so many drunks on planes, sky waitress?”

“You’re not doing a very good job then, with the numbers of rogue airline passengers on a very regular basis…you need to try harder,” adds a third critic.

Another shares his contribution to the global pandemic: “well I got on a plane with Covid so mine didn’t do such a good job.”

In case of emergency
But the greetings aren’t just to gauge sobriety or wellness, Rania adds.

The welcome is also helpful to identify people “who could help us in an emergency.”

Credit: Shutterstock

In the industry, these flyers are known as ABPs, or able-bodied passengers, who can potentially assist in evacuating an aircraft.

“Cabin crew assess physically fit persons, especially firefighters, police officers, etc., who may be able to assist in an emergency,” reports Simple Flying, a source for aviation news “[Crew] would be briefed in a planned emergency and assigned certain tasks. In an unplanned emergency, they would be a ‘go-to’ to help open an exit door, for example, and help people down the slide.”

Some cyber fans asked how airline staff made the distinction between regular passengers and emergency professionals.

“How do you spot someone who could help you in an emergency? I mean medicals don’t have a specific look,” asks one netizen.

@itsmekikooooo Did you know that?✈️🩷Also to see who could help us in an emergency🥳🤩✈️#fy #fyp #viral #fypageeeee #for #stewardess #cabincrewlife #flightattendant #foryoupage ♬ RUN THIS TOWN X GANGSTAS PARADISE – ALTÉGO

Responding to that question, a second user quips, “I like to wear a stethoscope when I travel.”

Another offers a compelling case in support of cabin crew: “My wife’s a paramedic [and] on a flight they came to ask her for assistance how did they know?”

Meanwhile, another jokes, “I always thought it was my devastatingly good looks and awesome personality. Now I’m heartbroken.”

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