After All The Heartbreak, Jason Momoa Found New Love, And You’ll Surely Recognize Her

On Monday, Jason Momoa made his new girlfriend’s introduction public on Instagram, and ever since, the couple has been the buzz of the internet.

He has been hinting to fans about their long-simmering romance for a while, however this may surprise some.

The 44-year-old actor first became acquainted with the 32-year-old actress on the set of the 2021 Netflix film Sweet Girl while he was still married to Lisa Bonet. There’s a catch, though!

Momoa and his spouse remained legally married despite having been apart for over five years.

When he and Arjona got hot, there was no overlap with his marriage because Bonet and Momoa made their separation official on October 7, 2020.

Bonet filed for divorce on January 8 of this year, and their cases were settled amicably the following day.

Now that he could finally show everyone how much he loved them, Momoa went all out with a carousel of photos from their most recent trip to Japan.

In the text, he affectionately called Arjona “mi amor,” but if you’re not sure what that means, just take a look at their sweet photos of each other.

Jason Momoa/Instagram

The body language in the second photograph shows them snuggling close, with her hand gently resting on his arm and his arms encircling her. It’s not giggling!

“Japan, you are a dream come true; you blew my mind,” the writer stated. We are very appreciative of everyone who opened their houses, allowing us to create memories with both old and new friends and go on yet another incredible journey with our beloved. Motorcycles and chaos on the road. My sincere regards, J.

Arjona married lawyer Edgardo Canales in 2019, but not much is known about their breakup or whether a divorce was sought.

While it seems like Arjona has only recently joined the Momoa family, his stepdaughter Zoë Kravitz choose her to be the director of Blink Twice, which features Channing Tatum and hits theaters on August 23.

Jason Momoa/Instagram

Momoa, Bonet, and Lenny Kravitz will likely attend the wedding, which is expected to be magnificent given that Kravitz and Tatum are now engaged.

In October 2017, after dating for 13 years, Bonet and Momoa decided to get married.

Nakoa-Wolf, a 15-year-old son, and Lola, a 16-year-old daughter, are being raised by the ex-couple in secret.

It was not until January 2022 that they announced their breakup on Instagram:”We’ve all experienced the pressure and adjustments of these revolutionary times… The joint statement stated, “A revolution is taking place, and our family is not an exception… feeling and growing from the seismic shifts occurring.”Therefore, we announce to our family that we are divorcing. We disclose this not because we believe it to be noteworthy, but rather so that we can live honorably and truthfully as we go about our daily lives.

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