A sales assistant informed my wife that she didn’t meet the ‘beauty standards’ required to work at their store, prompting me to come back days later to execute the ideal retaliation.

A store assistant made my wife Emma cry by being mean to her when she sought employment there. Hearing her story, I decided to take action to ensure that assistant would think twice before treating anyone else that way.

Emma, passionate about fashion, recently decided to pursue a retail job. One day, she noticed a “Now Hiring” sign at a famous lingerie store and went inside to inquire.

Excited, she said, “I immediately went inside to inquire! But boy, was I in for the shock of my life.”

The sales assistant didn’t even glance at her until she was directly in front of her. When Emma asked about the job, the assistant sneered, “Look, hun, I don’t think you’re pretty enough for this job. NO CHANCE. Don’t even try, okay?”

Heartbroken, Emma came home in tears. I comforted her, saying, “My love, don’t let her get to you. You’re beautiful and talented.” But seeing her so devastated made me furious. I decided to teach that assistant a lesson in humility.

I contacted my friend Mike, who works in fashion. Mike agreed to help, saying, “That’s unbelievable, man. Of course, I’ll help. Let’s give her a taste of her own medicine.” A few days later, I dressed well and visited the store, ensuring the same assistant was working.

After engaging her as a customer, Mike arrived and introduced himself as a talent scout. The assistant was excited, thinking it was her big break, but Mike dismissed her and praised Emma instead.

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